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Bernsdorf Glashütte is a German glassworks founded in 1723 in Bernsdorf, Saxony. Over the centuries, it has specialized in the production of high-quality glassware such as glasses, vases, and other decorative vessels. The glassworks was famous for its use of unique glass recipes and glass colouring techniques, thanks to which it created beautiful, colourful products. Items in shades of purple, blue and amber were especially popular.  Bernsdorf Glashütte products were characterized by excellent workmanship and elegant design. Although the glassworks ceased operations in the 70s of the twentieth century, its products are now sought after by collectors and lovers of applied arts. Objects from Bernsdorf are considered valuable examples of glassmaking and are part of Saxony's cultural heritage.

Bernsdorf Glashütte. Vases, platters, glasses, decorative glass