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He lived from 1901 to 1979. German designer who played a key role in shaping industrial design in Germany in the 50s and 60s of the twentieth century. His porcelain and glass designs for Arzberg and Schott-Zwiesel are still produced today. After graduating from high school in 1920, Löffelhardt began an apprenticeship at the Peter Bruckmann & Sons silverware factory in Heilbronn. Starting in 1934, Löffelhardt developed tableware for the Beauty of Work office. Gebr . Bauscher and the Czech Ceramic Factory in Neurohlau. Wilhelm Wagenfeld hired him in 1937 to work at the United Lausitzer Glaswerke in Weißwasser. In 1941, Loeffelhardt was drafted into the Wehrmacht and returned from Soviet captivity only in 1947. Prospects in business were small, so he followed Wagenfeld to Stuttgart and in 1949 worked in the design department of the state commercial office. He worked there m.in catalogues of exhibitions ''How to live'' and ''Glass from Württemberg-Badia''. After Wagenfeld's departure in 1950, he succeeded Wagenfeld as head of the department. Its particular achievement was to make it easier for the domestic industry to connect with international standards after years of isolation. The exhibitions and publications for which he was responsible were a special expression of appreciation for development abroad. Loeffelhardt turned out to be a practical man, not a talkative theoretician.  At the end of 1952, he became the artistic director of the Arzberg and Schönwald porcelain factories and was thus responsible for the entire assortment. The design of both companies was inextricably linked with the name Hermann Gretsch. For more than two decades, Loffelhardt determined the overall appearance of the tableware and gifts produced.  From 1954, Loeffelhardt was responsible for the design of the Jenaer Glaswerk Schott & Gen. in Mainz, including the subsidiary Vereinigte Farbenglaswerke Zwiesel. He designed chalices, bottles and vases

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