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The first mention of glass production in the area of Wymiarki comes from the Middle Ages. In 1657, the Czech prince Eusebius von Lobkovitz founded a steelworks. The local products were very popular in Europe. There were as many as five steelworks in the small town. The current plant was created by merging the Grose, Hadrian and Poncet smelters. From 1950, in addition to the plants in Iłowa and Łęknica, the glassworks (then the Glass Works in Wymiarki) became part of the Żagańskie Glassworks in Iłowa. In 1991, during the transformation of ŻHS into Vitrosilicon S.A., Hutsop Wymiarki Glassworks was transformed into Hutsop, independent of the rest of the former company.

Glassworks Wymiarki