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Born on 29 December 1934. From 1952 he studied at the Faculty of Glass of the State Higher School of Fine Arts in Wrocław, in the studio of Stanisław Dawski (diploma in 1958), from 1959 he worked as a designer at the Opta Mechanical and Optical Works in Katowice. In 1960, Drost began forty years of work at the Design Center of the Ząbkowice Economic Glassworks in Ząbkowice Będzińskie, where he was an organizer, designer and design manager. He skillfully combined technological knowledge of glass pressing with artistic sensitivity and in the seventies he was granted a patent for a device for forming glass products by extrusion. Thanks to this, vessels with a freely shaped upper rim were created. He was involved in inventing new technological solutions that improved the extrusion of patterns. He also experimented in the field of machine processing of the exterior surface of the die and the interior of the cast iron mold, creating glass products with textures of bark and grain of trees, shells, shells, shells, etc. Jan Sylwester Drost created both serial and unique glass, he is credited with the popularization of pressed glass, which was previously treated by designers as a cheap product and not requiring artistic craftsmanship when designing it.

The designs presented in the store confirm the contribution of Jan Sylwester Drost to the development of glass production technology and his enormous artistic achievements,