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Ceramics have been serving us for thousands of years in the form of utility and decorative objects. The multitude of forms and ways of decoration will allow each of you to choose for yourself things that will be both useful and nice. On this page you will find products of no longer existing porcelain, porcelain and faience factories such as:

  • Mirostowickie Ceramic Works
  • Porcelain Factory Karolina
  • ZMO Jaroszów
  • Porcelite Stołowego Plant Pruszków
  • Porcelain Plant Ćmielów
  • Włocławek faience plants
  • Artistic Handicraft Work Cooperative in Bolesławiec
  • Cooperative of Folk and Artistic Industry Kamionka
  • Porcelain Chodzież
  • Porcelit Tułowice Factory
  • Wałbrzych Porcelain Factory

The offer includes: vases, jugs, plates, kettles, bowls, sets for drinks and many other interesting items

Feel free to browse the store's offer. I think that each of you will find something interesting for yourself.