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I have been dealing with the restoration of technical monuments for several years. I have long been impressed by the design, quality of workmanship, durability and functionality of old industrial lamps, switches, fans and other interesting devices. They have been replaced by a plastic mask, which is rarely so durable and pretty.

The lamps that I renew can decorate many interiors and will serve for a very long time, evoking nice aesthetic impressions and a sense of saving a small part of our history. Fans, switches and installation materials also from the 20th century can complement the designs.

I find items that I restore in basements, attics, flea markets and online auctions. Unfortunately, they are very often very damaged, rusty and incomplete. It happens that the mere dismantling of a lamp takes a few hours. The next stage is cleaning individual details, which can also be very time-consuming. I try to keep as many original parts as possible, only replace them with new parts as a last resort, but I try to be consistent with the original. I keep some items in their original condition, protecting them only against corrosion and further damage. Most of them, however, have their varnish coatings renewed. As a standard, I use powder coatings due to the durability and the possibility of obtaining interesting effects such as surface structure and colors, impossible to achieve during spray painting.

All items on my website are refurbished in a way that ensures safe use.

I also offer installation materials such as: wires, cable holders, boxes and switches. These are also renovated and restored to full working order. You will also find mounting accessories useful during installation. These are: fasteners (anchors, expansion sleeves with screws), chains, ropes, hooks and shackles.

I also offer assistance in designing installations, cooperation during design and personal participation in projects.

Wacław Chochół