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Bang & Olufsen a/s – a Danish company dealing with the production of audiovisual equipment – m.in. radios, speakers, televisions, telephones and car audio systems. The company's headquarters are in Struer.

The company was founded in 1925 by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen. Both Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen were electrical engineers from the Danish middle class. They both loved to experiment with technology and dreamed of starting their own businesses. They were fascinated by radio technology and graduated from technical universities in 1924. In terms of personality, however, Bang and Olufsen were diametrically opposed.

For Peter Bang, there was nothing but work, invention, experimentation, and development. He focused mainly on the engineering side, and when an idea dawned in his brilliant head, he worked on it until he put it into practice. Svend Olufsen was an equally talented engineer, experimenting in the field of radio engineering in his own unconventional way. Unlike Bang, Olufsen was outgoing, had a brilliant business sense and a charismatic personality. The fact that they were both great at what they did made them the perfect team.

They met in 1925 through a mutual friend. Bang lived in America, where he worked for radio manufacturers and voraciously absorbed knowledge of radio technology. Olufsen needed someone to help him with his own radio experiments. Soon, Bang and Olufsen started their own company in 1925, starting with the design of radios. The first commercial product to bear the Bang & Olufsen brand was the eliminator, a radio receiver that could be connected directly to the electrical grid without the need for batteries, which were the norm at the time. The differences between the partners intensified as their company began to grow, but Bang and Olufsen found a way to turn it to their advantage. Bang put all his energy into creating and working on the development of innovative technologies, while Olufsen focused mainly on the business aspects. It is the differences that are at the heart of the Bang & Olufsen brand concept: the highest quality and innovative solutions combined with sophisticated design and functionality. Combining the best of both worlds, Bang & Olufsen products are among the most sought-after collectibles.

The Bang & Olufsen brand has developed many innovative and successful products, starting with the alternating current radio receiver. In the 1930s, the company produced a sound recording system for the film industry. Their roof-mounted loudspeakers soon found their way into many military vehicles and circus applications. The famous Beolit 39 radio by Bang & Olufsen in a bakelite casing is the perfect example of the combination of technology and design. In today's competitive world, Bang & Olufsen continues to design and create innovative products that meet the highest standards of design and fit perfectly into the aesthetics of contemporary interiors. The BeoLab 90 and BeoSound Shape speakers not only look like works of art, but also stand out for their great sound quality!

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